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Another couple of weeks have gone by.

I think I am not feeling motivated to write here because I have started writing daily in the app Diaro.  I find it pretty good, especially combined with the swiftkey app which makes it faster to type.  I mentioned this app on Facebook along with a list of apps to use for the new year. Of course it was ignored.

As for Facebook, I haven’t deleted my account.  On the rare occasions one of my daughters posts something, I can view it.  I’ve become a lurker, I guess.  I have checked it a couple of times, but seriously, I’m not missing anything.  I still get that feeling of irritation so I’m well out of it.  I do, however, miss posting the odd observation or sharing an article.  I could do that on Twitter, I suppose, but I rarely go on there.  Folkdirect, as predicted, is a dead duck.

Well, while I’m here, I can say I’m thoroughly enjoying the Australian summer, compared to the crap they’re having in New Zealand.  I saw an article that mentioned that the place I used to live had the least sunshine hours of the whole country.  No wonder I was often depressed.  I’m a sun worshipper, summer being my favourite season.  Fuck winter.

I still haven’t written about my trip.  One day I might feel the urge.  It hasn’t come yet.  Maybe it never will, but I feel I should.  My hand-scrawled diary isn’t sufficient.  This blog, although public, is for me to look back on.

Well, that’s all I feel inclined to write about at present. Another update in a couple of weeks perhaps.


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Monday to Friday was a long week.  Thursday felt like Friday, and I couldn’t concentrate in the hot afternoons working in a non-airconditioned building with no breeze coming through the small windows (in about 29deg C heat every day).  Besides which, my mind was already in Sydney.

I fly out tomorrow morning with boss and colleague.  We fly via Christchurch where we have to wait 4 hours for our flight to Sydney.  Why?  Because it was the cheapest flight.  It’s a wonder we’re not staying in a youth hostel.

Jasmine seems to sense something’s up.  Could be the suitcase lying at the ready, haha.  She’s been hanging around me this morning, wanting attention.  Poor love.  I feel like a traitor, taking her to a cage in a cattery, when she’s used to lying on a bed and having cuddles in the evenings.  I drop her off this evening.

During the week I tried on my dress shoes, which I needed for the conference dinner and a cocktail party.  I must have bought them in winter because they were tight and there was no way I’d be able to walk from the hotel to the conference or cocktail venues in them.  So, this morning I headed back into town, yet again, to do some shoe shopping.  The fact that I’m sitting here writing at 10.30 am indicates that I was successful.

I tried on one pair which were very comfortable but were in a beige colour.  The only other colour they had was white.  No good.  Needed black.  I tried on another pair that, although not as comfortable, felt good to walk in.  I bought them, and they were on sale – reduced to $79 with a further percentage off lowering the price to about $65.  Excellent.  I’d only looked in three shoe shops and tried on two pairs.  Next errand was a small umbrella, as the forecast for Sydney this week is some rain.  I did have a small one which I brought from work but it’s a bit broken, so I decided to buy another cheapy.  The “$2 shop” in the Plaza didn’t have any small ones, and KMart had cheapy made-in-China ones for $15 which I thought overpriced, so I headed over to Broadway to “Barris” another “$2+ shop” and got one for $6.  Done.  All set.

The camera battery is charged.  The cellphone is charged.  Now I just have to wander down to the local shop to get some more credit.

There’s a smallholder’s auction down the road.  I might head down for a short while, as I have no idea what to do with today.

As to exercise/semi-diet regime, I was very disappointed last night to find I had lost nothing at all in the past week.  I felt angry with myself for giving into a couple of pieces of toast during the week, as well as having a sugary drink.  Then I told myself not to be an idiot and take it easy.  I will have to restrain myself during the conference, however.  I still haven’t reached my goal which is only 2kg away (and of course once I reach that, I’ll want to lose more).

May update later, may not.  If not I will update in a week’s time after my return from Sydney (returning via Auckland).

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I wrote in the morning before work, reaching just 46,500.  I haven’t had time to add to that, having been out all evening.  For that reason also, I just did a quick sketch of an old hip flask.

nov28 008

Day 28: hip flask


Another day of cold and wet.  At one point it was just 10 deg today, at the end of November.  Ridiculous.

Lovely evening out – drinks and dinner with colleagues.  Realised I missed watching Downton Abbey last night.  Oh no.  Damn.

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Day 15

Just over 25,000 words for Nano – halfway.  I might be struggling for the next 25, 000 if I make it.

Initial plans for a sketch went out the window again.  I chose a random photo to copy.

nov15 002

Day 15: photographer

Weather has been foul today – started off cold and pouring with rain.  The sun came out in the afternoon, then the wind came up.  Right now it’s blowing a gale out there.  Worst November I can remember.  Doesn’t bode well for the summer.  Friend in Wellington asked if I wanted to go down there.  Not today, I said.  But have planned for tomorrow – not supposed to be quite so shit.

Got a warrant of fitness for the car which was a relief.  I felt certain it would be failed for worn tyres or old wipers.  All good.  Did some washing, housework, and, of course, writing.

Baked my first ever Christmas cake.  Never made one before.  I got a cake mix which had all the ingredients needed.  Just needed eggs basically.  Not sure why I got it as most of my family don’t eat Xmas cake.  Oh well.  I could always freeze it.

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I especially feel in the pits when I view some of the wonderful photos on blogs I follow.  The lucky buggers live in far more interesting places than I do, with photos of castles and magnificent scenery, etc etc.  As I’m pretty much a hermit, I struggle to take any photos in the weekend as I go nowhere.  I have to justify any trip into town, and the miserable greyness just dampens my spirits (physically as well as figuratively).   Just talked to my bro last night (it was his birthday).  He had just come back from an awesome trip to Australia:  Melbourne to be with aunt and cousins on her 81st birthday; a short flight to Adelaide; a drive from Adelaide to Darwin, stopping at Uluru; stay with friends in Darwin; then a hop across to Brisbane to be at the birthday of our other aunt who had her 91st birthday, then home.  I’m green with envy.  He’s seen way more of Australia than I have.  I can only afford one week stays in one city at a time.  I just get more miserable thinking about it, while I return to my tedious job surrounded by brown walls.

I did get out last night.  There was a belly dancing show on in town.  Normally I would’ve been part of one of the dance groups, but I haven’t been to belly dancing classes for about 8 months now.  I hadn’t intended to go to the show but H told me her friend E was performing and that she would go.  I decided to go after all and then H told me she was heading to Wellington this weekend.  I’d bought my ticket by then so I persuaded two others at work to join me – I didn’t want to go by myself.  We met at the Celtic pub for a quick drink beforehand, then got some seats close to the stage.  Many of the performances were very good.  There were some equally average ones (and I’m not referring to the beginners, who did well).  In amongst all the belly dancing was, bizarrely, some local flamenco dancers who went on a bit long I thought – three middle-aged women and a younger woman accompanied by my old Japanese lecturer (who was definitely looking old) on guitar.  They were ok and impressive to someone who hadn’t seen flamenco dancing before but I’d seen real Spanish dancers at Womad who were truly amazing.  Anyway, all in all, a good evening and it was great to have company.

I took a few photos, hoping to get at least one decent shot for my photoblog.  But I must’ve had the camera on the wrong setting by mistake as nearly all of them were blurry and useless.  Out of 20 photos, I deleted 13 and only kept the rest as a vague/blurry record of the evening.  Oh well.

Very cold and very wet today.  I had intended to continue painting the bathroom but the weather just makes me more miserable.  I did clean the fridge, however.  I doubt the clothes I washed yesterday will dry though.  Might be a struggle to come up with some work clothes for another week of the doldrums.

My tinnitus varies.  It was particularly loud and the hearing sensitivity was bad on Monday and Tuesday.  Then it improved during the week.  Last weekend was so annoying I wanted to cry.  Not so bad this weekend.  I wonder what the hell sets it off – some food or drink or something.  It’s like having a friggin’ power station in my head.  And all this only started in April.  Any tinnitus I had before then (and I’ve had it for 20 years) was so mild as to not be noticeable except sometimes in the quietiest of nights.  Just another annoyance to add to my depression….

Sorry to add another blog entry of Misery.  I always do feel depressed in winter.  I hate the season – always so damp, cold and grey.

I might now watch an episode of “Hell on Wheels” which H discovered.  There are some good TV shows out there – it’s just that they don’t show them on free TV and buggered if I’m paying overinflated prices for pay TV to watch maybe two shows a week.

Yay for books.

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I’m sick of this weather – the cold and the rain.  What use is spring-fever when the weather’s crap?  I can’t get motivated to do anything as I sit, feeling cold, with dark clouds outside.  The inside of the house never gets above 15 deg C (unless of course I put the heater on and I’ve had enough of high electricity bills).

The most I’ve done this weekend is some washing and transferring more photos from sticky albums to pocket albums.  I’ve reached 1997 and still have about 3 large albums left.  The question then comes – what do I do with the (admittedly smaller) pile of albums?  Stick ’em in a box I suppose.  Then what to do with the box?  I have no cupboard space in this small house.  It’s such a pain.  I have often regretted buying this dump.  So much needs doing to it and I just haven’t the money.  I envy people with two incomes.  I’m sick to death of continually struggling on one very average salary.

Yes it’s a post of moans.  Nothing can seem to get me enthused except arranging a team for a work Trivia quiz night.  That was a struggle as well.  Apathy seems to reign supreme.

I’m off to Wellington next weekend for the 5th birthday of the girls’ cousin’s daughter (the family of the ex-inlaws).  I don’t want to go but I should do my duty I suppose.  My daughters will be obliged to go so I’ll have to as well.

The following weekend there’s a belly dancing performance to do also in Wellington.  I don’t want to do that either.  I don’t particularly like the dance (which lasts about 2 minutes) and couldn’t get up any enthusiasm to go to the practice session this week (over and above the normal class).

I just hate Wellington.  It’s a miserable dump of a city.

I’m a total grump.

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Strange weather

After three blistering hot days, yesterday was gloomy, wet and cold.  Today the sun shines again.  One never knows what to wear.  There could be a cold wind, it could be swelteringly hot, it could rain.  The weather is daft.

And on top of all that the black dog nips at my heels (again) as I try to clamber out of my rut.

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