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I was browsing through a folder of one tiny section of my family tree research (which I haven’t touched in months if not years) and re-read letters sent to my mother on the death of her mother in England in 1953.  My birth was years afterwards so I never met my grandmother and judging from the letters she was well liked.

I pondered as I read the letters, what treasures they are as a glimpse into the past.  I have letters from people who would have been my grandmother’s friends and work colleagues and neighbours and family.  How marvelous it would be for relatives of the writers of those letters to read them and see the handwriting of their ancestors AND see where they lived (they all have addresses on them).  It would be great to have a website of a list of names featured in such ephemera for researchers to browse and get copies of.

Then, I thought with sadness, what are we leaving our descendants?  There will be no letters, no diaries, not even handwritten accounts or shopping lists. Everything has become computerised and with that, handwriting is lost and a glimpse on an ancestor’s personality is lost also.  I treasure a letter that my great-grandfather in Scotland sent to his daughter in Australia on the eve of her marriage in the 1920s.  Such personal correspondence can say so much about the letter writer and the person it’s being sent to – giving you a much better idea on what sort of person your ancestors were.  It makes them human instead of just a name and a date.

I’m as guilty as anyone of not writing letters anymore.  Even cards have become a chore.  We’ve become lazy.  It’s no wonder my handwriting has become an untidy scrawl.  The only handwriting of mine my descendants are likely to come across are study notes (and boy are they untidy!) if I or someone else hasn’t destroyed them by then.


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One word meme

You. Can. Only. Type. One. Word. No. Explanations.

1. Yourself: alone
2. Your spouse: none
3. Your hair: long
4. Your mother: gone
5. Your father: gone
6. Your dream last night: forgotten
7. Your favorite drink: beer
8. Your dream car: new
9. Your bedroom: untidy
10. Your fear: failure
11. What you want to be in 10 years: happy
12. Who you hung out with last night: myself
13. What you’re not: confident
14. Muffins: bran
15. Time: day
16. The last thing you did: search
17. What you are wearing: tshirt
18. Your favorite weather: sun
19. The last thing you ate: biscuit
20. Your life: mystery
21. Your mood: curious
22. Your best friend: there
23. What are you thinking about right now? work
24. Your car: Mitsubishi
25. What are you doing at the moment? analysing
26. Your summer: busy
27. Your relationship status: single
28. What is on your TV? nothing
29. What is the weather like? cloudy
30. When is the last time you laughed? minutes

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Mood: indistinct
Listening to: The Pogues

Found this meme on aww diddums’ blog, so thought I’d give it a go.  I’m not feeling depressed exactly, but somewhat reflective.

Current clothes: Blue jeans, plum-coloured Converse t-shirt

Current mood: No idea really.  A little subdued.

Current music: The Pogues

Current annoyance: People’s general apathy and selfishness

Current thing: Hmm.  I’m trying to find time to indulge in a ‘thing’.  I’ve got books and documentary videos out of the library to find out something and not had the time to read or view them.

Current desktop picture: A picture of the moon over a snow-covered mountain

Current book: I’m between books – well not really.  I’m reading Dick Francis’ ‘Straight’ but that’s not a serious read – only something to read in between books I actually want to read.  I’ve bought a couple of interesting books lately but they’re non-fiction and I feel like fiction at the moment.  My next read, out of curiosity, is the Booker nominated ‘Mr Pip’.  The story doesn’t really grab me but I’ve heard it’s good so I’ll give it a go.  I tend not to trust hype.

Current song in head: It’s rather difficult to have a song in your head when there’s someone singing on the stereo.

Current DVD in player: Nothing.  I take DVDs out of the player immediately I’ve finished viewing them.  I can’t recall what I last watched.

Current refreshment: Nothing

Current worry: A project I have due in March.

Current thought: Which is worse – living alone with no-one to love or love you, or living alone, loving someone you barely see?  I had an email from a friend who missed his girlfriend.  I was selflishly thinking ‘at least you’ve got someone’.  But I imagine the latter is worse because you’re missing someone.  I have no-one to miss.

People keep mentioning the word “Christmas” like it’s some answer to the tiredness we all feel – like it’s some magical date to aim for and it will all be wonderful and we can then relax.  Hmm.  To me it’s a non-date.  I refuse to consider it at all.  The only good thing about it is having a few days off work.

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A nice quote

I read a nice quote today:

The pessimist might end up being right but the optimist has a nicer time along the way.”

It must be wonderful to be an optimist.  I try to be but invariably end up being disappointed.

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