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4-day weekend

The building work was finished in the sunroom on Wednesday. Jasmine will have to get used to the new cat flap. The previous cat door had lost its flap so she was used to a hole in the wall through which she could go at will. Now she has to learn to push against an apparent wall of plastic. Anyway, Thursday we propped open the flap so she could get the idea and I started filling in little nail holes, etc, in the new woodwork.  The weather was unsettled and started to drizzle even as I used gap filler on the outside. Not much hope of painting for the weekend.  I got some washing done and can remember little else for Thursday. I did try searching the ‘free’ access to military records on ancestry and on findmypast.com.  The latter’s claim of free was b.s.  As soon as I clicked on a potential result, it asked for my log-in or subscription.  Ancestry’s search engine is rubbish.  Even though I restricted searches to Australia or Australian, the first results were all American.  I didn’t find my paternal grandfather’s military records, even though I have a paper copy and know they exist.  There were no results for Second World War records either.  Absolute waste of time.

On Friday I sanded the new wood and started painting. I watched a little jumping spider who appeared to be watching me. They seem to enjoy watching me paint and this one just sat millimeters away from the brush, unconcerned. They’re the only spider I actually like. Later, I noticed, it caught a winged aphid thing. Jasmine was still rather hesitant going through the cat flap even when I held it open for her.

On Friday night, I drove around the corner to a monthly drumming circle. I started going last month and it’s only been going for two months. I took along my small African drum and used it while others used the flat framed drums made by the host. It was a good turn-out and went well. We all slept very well that night!

On Saturday H wanted to go the market to buy veges. She got up rather later than anticipated, but we had time to get there before it closed. We didn’t buy much. I then dropped H off at the Plaza. She was meeting her boss to discuss a couple of matters. I headed over to Warehouse and bought some net curtains, boots and a top. H was then finished so I picked her up and we went grocery shopping. On the way home, we headed to Bunnings to buy a couple of bamboo blinds for the sunroom.

On Sunday morning I did a final coat of paint on the inside of the sunroom. (The weather had been too changeable to attempt to paint the outside – sunny for 10 minutes then rain, then sun, then rain – hopeless.) There was a Samhuinn gathering down the road, so I headed down there with a bought fruit loaf. These gatherings are held by the local druids and I go along mainly just to socialise (a couple of them are friends or acquaintances from elsewhere). I’m not a fan of ritual and sometimes find it rather forced, especially when people are reading from a piece of paper. I was surprised to see that there were a lot of people there this time. One person told an interesting story of how they were in bed and their son had come home, put chips in the oven, and gone to bed. He (the father) dreamed he was on a river feeling the need to paddle to shore. On the opposite shore, his cat was miaowing loudly. His cat never miaows, he added. He then felt an urgency to turn and paddle towards the distressed cat. When he reached the shore, he woke up to find the house full of smoke. He went to the kitchen and his cat was sitting in front of the oven watching…. Pretty amazing.

I walked home after the ‘ceremony’ and lunch, and mucked around for a while. H and I were heading out to a play. Apart from Summer Shakespeare, which is held annually outdoors, I haven’t been to a play in years. A woman at work had been to this particular play and said it was very funny. I felt in need of a laugh so had asked H who had agreed to join me. She was the youngest there by far and even I felt young, surrounded by grey-haired elderly people, mostly women. The play was good, with elements of farce involving mistaken identity, confusion, doors and embarrassing positions. Another person at work has also seen the play and we agreed that the younger actor wasn’t that great – not convincing at all, and one of the women over-acted a bit. Otherwise very good, and it was nice to see Peter Hawes. H and I picked up pizza on the way home and ate it watching yet another David Attenborough doco – this time on King penguins.

A full week of work this week – the first one in ages for me. The weather is looking lousy for the next 9 days. I’m fed up with the grey clouds and rain already.


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I hate being reliant on others to get things done. I currently have three frustrating delays:

No word on getting the car fixed yet. Some assessor, somewhere in the country, has probably yet to see the photos. I will call today to see when something might happen. Pfft.

No word from the builders on when they plan to come back and fix the cat door wall in the sunroom. Tradesmen are so bloody unreliable.

Silence from the guy who bought an item on TradeMe but has yet to arrange to have it picked up 10 weeks later (he lives in the South Island but assured me he’d arrange for a courier to pick it up). Complaints to TradeMe staff have resulted in apologies only. Unfortunately, because he’s paid for it, I’m not allowed to dispose of it. I’ve offered to pay him back his money but silence (and yet he’s still trading).

Pisses me off, but I’m trying to be patient. Ha!


P.S. Two phone calls later and the builders are at work today and I’m due to drop off the car for fixing within the next two or three days.

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Well, I didn’t answer my first question in the previous post, but I did answer the second – by taking a walk away from people.  I went for a wander through the trees, just letting go of misery and anger and watching (and listening to) the birds, noticing the deepening colours of the leaves, the paths now covered by a carpet of fallen leaves and the beauty of toadstools magically lit by dappled sun.

It’s a very windy, gloomy day today, so I think I’ll just relax and be (and read).

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What’s an outlet for grumpiness?

It continues, along with the sodden grey skies and dampness.

Getting rear-ended by an impatient professor didn’t help matters.  He was apologetic but seemed to have expected me to pull out in front of oncoming traffic travelling at 100kph.  As well as the annoying inconvenience of having to get my car fixed, I also had to fork out for a doctor and physiotherapist’s visit (suffering from mild whiplash).  I was going to go to the physiotherapist near my doctor’s but the idiot wants to see you when you make an appointment, which means that you have to wait while he’s seeing someone for an actual appointment.  After waiting 10 minutes, he then saw someone else before I could say ‘oi, I want an appointment’.  The ‘receptionist’? said the appointments last about 15-20 minutes.  Fucked if I was going to wait another 15 minutes just to make an appointment, so up and left for another physiotherapist nearby.  Got an appointment immediately.  I’ve since heard that the first physiotherapist is a bit useless, so just as well.  Mind you, I felt pain in places I hadn’t felt pain before after the second physio’s visit.  That’s enough for me.

Some people at work annoy me as well.  I have no patience for immature pranks at the moment.  Just fuck off.

So yeah, apart from wishing for sunny skies and money for a holiday, what’s the best way to express and then get rid of the grumps?

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I haven’t really been back to belly dancing classes since the dance studio closed and times and places were subsequently all over the place.

The longer I stay away, the less inclined I feel to go back. The last time I went, they were busy working out a choreography for the next hafla in July. I didn’t like what they had come up with so far and it all involves props such as canes, veils and isis wings. It’s all designed to look showy, but doesn’t actually involve much in the way of belly dance moves. Again, I find that the classes are just practices for one or perhaps two dances and I often come away feeling that it was a waste of time or money and that I learn nothing.

To all this is added the inconvenience of the time. Because I live out of town, I feel it is a waste of time and petrol to go home after work, then come back for the class. That means, however, that I have to hang around town for nearly two hours. This is manageable in summer, but in winter it means there’s no light to read by and the public library closes early. To add even further to this inconvenience, H has started spending Tuesdays in town overnight, which means that if I stay in town for dance, then come home at 8.30pm there is no dinner prepared by H and I have to cook for myself (and eat late). The alternative is to buy food before the class. It’s all too difficult.

The hafla is in July, as I said, and I have a wedding to go to in Wellington in July. I thought it might clash with the hafla and even hoped it would, to give me an excuse not to go along to classes. When I discovered that they didn’t clash, I felt disappointed, and this is an obvious sign to me, that I’m not enjoying belly dance classes and don’t want to go back. The only thing is I miss the women themselves, but I’ve often felt like an outsider as I’ve missed so much over the past year.

If only there was a decent alternative. If I lived in Wellington, I would go to an Iraqi belly dance teacher who does not concentrate on performance (and indeed never performs herself). I’ve enjoyed the two classes I had with her when she visited Masterton.

The only alternative would be to practise to my DVDs. I’ll try that option tonight.

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The weekend

On Saturday I drove down to Wellington with H. We had been invited by C’s boyfriend W, who was getting his NZ citizenship and wanted to celebrate. C was flying over from Melbourne, paid for by W.

Because W’s mother was visiting, there wasn’t enough room in the apartment for H and I, so I decided to splash out and pay for a room in the same place (hotel and residential apartments). Ha, what a mistake.

Normal check-in time is 2pm but I said I’d arrive at 3pm. We arrived at 3.10pm but the room wasn’t ready. We were told to come back in 45 minutes. As W and mother were at the airport collecting C, we couldn’t visit them, so left our bags and wandered around town. We returned at 4pm and were told the room still wasn’t ready as I’d booked a room with 2 single beds and they had to split the existing double. Five minutes, she reckoned, apologising, and said she’d text us when ready.

We visited C and W’s apartment and waited. After 25 minutes I went down to see what was going on. Apparently, the housekeeper was out and she had the key to a room which held a tool to separate the beds. I said we wanted to get ready to go out. It was now 4.30pm and reception closed at 5pm. She apologised again, finally gave us the room key and our bags and said they’d do the bed while we were out.

Returned after dinner to find the bed still in one piece. Absolutely crap service. Don’t ever go to the Quest on The Terrace in Wellington. A brief read of reviews on Tripadvisor will give you an idea. We did quite well compared to many.

Anyway, a pleasant dinner that night, and on Sunday we had yum-cha in Tory Street, followed by a bit of shopping. W bought a new suit especially for the citizenship ceremony today (as well as for a wedding we’re attending in July). After a relaxing cuppa, etc, H and I headed back home, farewelling C. She was staying on until Tuesday.

It’s cold today (as it had been all weekend) and work is tedious. I’ve just ordered a DVD from Australia to cheer me up – the first in a televised series based on Phryne Fisher stories by Kerry Greenwood, based in 1920s Melbourne. I’m currently reading one of the stories, based in Queenscliff. It sounds an idyllic place and looks it too, judging from photos. I want to go there!

Oh well, back to work… K

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It’s finally that time of year – when it’s dark in the morning and the weather changes. We had a long summer, which I loved, but now it’s getting cool and wet.

We had five days off over Easter, which was ideal for getting the sunroom sorted. But now I’m back at work and since yesterday have absolutely no motivation or interest in anything. Yesterday I watched the clock from 1.30 pm. This morning I’ve started doing the same thing. I’ve been waking up grumpy and irritable and have little patience for the gossip and cliquey behavior of some workmates. I can only put it down to the change of season.

I’m bored and have nothing to look forward to. It’s going to be a long, cold, wet winter and I’m dreading it.

I might have to plan another holiday in Australia over winter, but that’s just one week out of so many.

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