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Well, it’s evident I didn’t get back to update the last blog post. The ‘couldn’t be bothered’ attitude continued and has extended elsewhere. I put it down to seasonal depression or SAD. I got fed up with Facebook, finding most of it either depressing or pathetic (not the right word – more like too trivial or overly sentimental to be bothered with) and the rest I just “couldn’t be bothered” reading, skipping most. I seriously don’t think anyone noticed the sudden quiet on my page and anything I’ve since posted has largely gone ignored. Facebook is the worst possible webpage to go to if you’re feeling miserable or lonely.

One of my older cousins in Australia (Brisbane), Hl, popped over last week. I picked her up from Wellington airport and we headed over the Rimutakas to my brother’s place. There was still snow on the roadside. I had kept a watch on the road and was thankful that it remained open. (It had previously closed after the dump of snow and it was possible there would be more.) My brother had never actually met H. She’s that much older than us that she was off on her own when the rest of us had gathered around on previous visits.

So, we had a lovely evening meal of home-kill roast lamb (apologies to any vegos out there). Very cold night but bro had his log burner going and it was very cosy.

Next day we headed out to Castlepoint and it was a fabulously sunny, still day – barely a breath of wind. Took the stairs up to just below Castle Rock and did the loop, then up to the lighthouse.

jul13 017

We had lunch at the nearby pub where we met a gorgeous young ginger cat (catten I like to call it – neither cat nor kitten). Hl and I continued on to my place and arrived just before dark. Unfortunately, there was an unpleasant sight to greet us – a dead white and grey cat under the carport. I don’t know whether neighbours thought it belonged to me or whether it just went there and collapsed. We’ll never know. I put it on the roadside in case its owner spotted it. It was gone the next morning. Perhaps the rubbish collectors took it or someone came for it. Not a great welcome for my cousin!

I was anxious about feeding said cousin as I am not a confident or imaginative cook. I was prepared to cook a stew or pork steaks or a stir-fry with rice but Hl just wanted vegetables without any starch (ie no potatoes, rice or pasta). Not having a clue (where’s my daughter when I need her?) I just stir-fried some vegetables. It wasn’t great. Never mind. We played Scrabble and drank wine. Another very cold night and Hl had her winter woollies out in force, heater and hot water bottle as well.

The next day was another sunny one, so I took Hl for a “tiki tour” around the town: Esplanade (coffee at the café), Plaza (where we had lunch and she bought a merino top), wind turbine lookout and the local domain. We went out in the evening for another roast dinner (at H’s request) so I took her to Rosie O’Grady’s pub and we had a wine with our roast pork).

jul14 001

Finally, the next day, I drove back to Wellington to drop Hl off at the airport – a very brief trip, but she wanted to connect with her NZ cousins and have a break from work which she is currently not enjoying because of a finicky boss. I didn’t stay in Wellington at all, but drove straight back, as it was a normal working day the next day.

It was an interesting visit. H talks quite a lot (and mumbles!) so it was easier for me, not being a very sociable person in general. I heard about the sisterly friction (she has three sisters) and the abusive father (now deceased). She also told bro and I stuff about our father that we never knew – will have to ask my aunt (now age 94) before she’s gone! Hl was not religious at all (which was a relief) and was also quite cynical (a family trait, I think) but she didn’t seem connected to the natural world (didn’t seem impressed with scenery for example, but perhaps she just doesn’t express it), didn’t like birds, not a fan of dogs, etc. She does have a cat, however, and did like Jasmine. It was a nice change to have someone around anyway.

The next highlight is the return of daughter H, who will be visiting for a week. Yay! It will pass very quickly, sadly and I can probably count on another depressive episode afterwards.

Nothing more to write about. The dreary drudgery of life in winter continues.


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It’s winter, the time of year when I just want to hibernate. I dislike the cold, the dark, the damp.

The only event worthy of mention is the big flood. I feel like I’ve dealt with it already since I added photos to Facebook. I may add later. At the moment I can’t be bothered.

This is the problem lately – I can’t be bothered. I don’t particularly care about anything at the moment. I’ve become grumpy and lacking patience, especially at work. One meeting in particular sent my crazy, but again, I don’t feel like writing about it at the moment. It took me a week to write up the draft of the minutes and the boss isn’t in a hurry to read them over. (She found the meeting impossible as well.)

I finished watching Anno1790 – a very good series and I found the main character very pleasant to watch. Handsome chap, Peter Eggers. I’ve had nothing further to watch. I tried watching the original series of Wallander but didn’t like it and gave up after half an episode. I didn’t care enough. Since then I’ve been watching repeats of “Escape to the Country” and a couple of other shows, nothing gripping, and playing Sims 2. I’ve switched to my medieval neighbourhood and made up storylines as I played.

In just over a week one of my cousins from Brisbane will be visiting. She sent me an email out of the blue (although we are Facebook friends) expressing a wish to visit. I said no problem, expecting her to do so nearer the end of the year – spring or summer. She wrote back saying she’d visit for three days on 12th of this month. How odd! Never mind. It will be good to see her. I’ve only seen her about once in the past 30 years. I know very little about her in fact. Before Facebook we hadn’t said or written a word to each other. It should be interesting.

I had better get back to work, even though I’m bored. It’s Friday, at least, and I can head home and do as I like – probably another round of medieval Sims, which I then blog about. I know, it sounds strange, but I don’t see it as being any different to any other interest or hobby, or different to watching TV all night or writing a story (which it is, basically). The Sims keeps my mind occupied. Winter nights can be long and lonely.

Enough. On with the rest of the day. Later…

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