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As well as NaNoWriMo, there is also WordPress’ NaBloPoMo – National Blog Posting Month where you post something on your blog every day in November, AND Blogging U’s Photography 101 course in November in which you post or take a photo every day. I’d like to do all three, but can I?

The blog posting might be easy – after all one or two sentences would probably do. However, can I take a photo every day again? Having done that for over a year I know how difficult that can be .




I’ve just come up with another idea – a sketch a day! I haven’t drawn anything for years and this would be a way of getting me back into it. Hahahaha! Shall I try it all? Madness!

Of course, I could draw a picture, take a photo of it, then post it in the blog, covering it all!


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Just quickly before having to get ready for another week of the excitement called work.

Saturday:  Mowed lawn, washing, vacuuming, the usual.  Made a salad for the barbecue and gathered kawakawa plants for E (dug out of my “garden” a few weeks ago and potted), as well as the boxes of stuff to give to her.

As luck would have it one of the items sold on TradeMe was bought by someone in Feilding.  Told them I could drop off on the way to Sanson (where the barbecue was) and they gave me their address.  Haven’t used the GPS since February, so set it up for their address so I didn’t have to try and remember.  They were appreciative of me being able to drop off (it wouldn’t happen often I’m sure) then set the GPS for Sanson, even though I knew the main route.  To my surprise it sent me on a back road to Sanson, which was very pleasant and avoided the highway.  Very cool.  I’ve lived in this area basically all my life and didn’t know about that road.  Mind you, I have not had occasion to drive to Sanson particularly before E bought a house there.

Anyway, H’s friends, A and S were there.  I knew them well – A and H have been friends for many years and he stayed with us for a few months to get away from his overbearing mother.  He offered me one of his beers.  Fellow ex-belly dancer, M was also there (more my age) so we chatted about her new job taking plants around the country (including a recent trip to the South Island).  Spent most of the time inside, as there was a cold wind and not enough seating outside.  One of H’s friends has a young girl so we gave her a husky toy and tea set (both in pretty much new condition).  I think that’s the last of the old toys.  Left a box of goblets there too from when I bought heaps for my medieval party.  I had already taken out the ones I wanted to keep.  E’s welcome to keep them or give them away.  She did mention having a medieval party at one stage.  I left my bowl of salad there.  She can keep the bowl (another unwanted gift from the past).

Time marches on.  I need to stop rambling.

Sunday.  Cleared the room (or half of it) and cleaned the ceiling.  Opened what I thought was half a tin of white paint to find black stuff on the top.  Tried mixing it and it turned out a cream colour.  Not good enough.  Raced into town and bought some white paint.  Back again and started the dreaded painting of just half of the room.  Did two coats and it looked good enough at that.  Moved the floor protection over to the painted half in the afternoon and cleaned the other half.  Decided to do a coat of that half while it was still light (just, as the crappy weather made it darker).

Another item got picked up from a TradeMe sale.  So good to see all this shit I no longer want (or in some cases never wanted, having been given to me) go out the door.

Monday.  Played Sims 2 during the first part of the morning while it poured outside.  Then painted another coat on the the other half of the room.  Once it had dried, I cleared up and moved all the furniture back.  Looks good.  I’m glad I finally got it done.  When I painted the ceilings of the two bedrooms, it was easier, as at that time the crappy carpet was underneath.  I didn’t want a drop on the new carpet of course, so had to find enough plastic/tarpaulin/newspaper to cover it.

Weekend evenings were spent watching Breaking Bad season 1.  I watched six episodes.  I didn’t turn on the TV once.  There’s nothing worth watching on it – all reality shit.

Time I got ready for work.


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Yeah, I’m  not sure this Blogging 201 thing is for me.  Now they’re suggesting linking back to archived posts, creating a “best of” page.  What? It’s like asking me to choose my favourite thoughts, as this blog is basically a diary.  I don’t ‘do enough exciting things to warrant going back over them.  My category “Trips” would account for most of those.  Feel free to explore them!

As you may have noticed on my “Currently reading” widget, I have started reading a book called “Still writing” which gets me enthused for Nanowrimo.  It’s an easy book to read and heartening for the inexperienced, shy writer such as myself.  Just write!  it says.  I laughed out loud at her chapter on the inner censor (and I certainly have one).  I have since found my draft of ideas from earlier this month in which my main character was female.  I had changed it to a middle-aged male but I think I’ll change it back again.  Don’t ask me what it’s about.  I’m feeling my way.  I’ll start writing and see where it goes.  I have a very vague notion but no idea how to get there, yet.

So, as to my usual weekend updates, today I’m heading over to H’s friend, E’s place for a barbecue.  She kindly asked me and I would normally not have gone as most people there will be my daughter’s age, but there are some things that H left for E and I’ll use the opportunity to drop them off to her.  Otherwise they’ll sit there for another three months.  It will feel weird, but I have been to E’s barbecue before when H turned up after work (after I had been and gone already).  I could pretend the same.  No, it’s no use.  I have to stop pretending she’s on holiday or will drive up in her car any day now.

The rest of the long weekend will be taken up with painting the lounge ceiling, which I dread.  It means, of course, moving almost everything out and I basically live in that room.

I have finished watching Season 4 of Boardwalk empire.  The last episode was the best.  I was so pleased at Eli knocking the life out of that obnoxious federal agent.  I felt his rage.  I haven’t felt such satisfaction since William Wallace killed the English soldiers after they murdered his wife in Braveheart.  I’m sorry, I’ve always liked bloodthirsty movies (when there was good reason for the rage, not mindless gore).

As everyone seems to be raving about Breaking Bad, I will start watching that series next.  I had seen a couple of random episodes when H watched it but I need to start from the beginning.

That’s it really.

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So far, they’ve talked about branding (which bores me) and suggesting we change the look of the site.  If I wanted to change, I would have.  I’m quite happy with the banner and layout.

Nothing much to write.  I’m currently selling stuff on TradeMe with its frustrations and hassles.  Been waiting 2 weeks for someone to pick up an item.  Other items are not selling so I’ll just give them away.  (Anyone want some rather beautiful Italian blue glass?  Not my thing but it is pretty.)

Been watching series 4 of Boardwalk Empire.  Once that’s finished I should get onto my Nano story – oh and that transcribing which is rather tedious.  When transcribing I like to copy word for word, not stick the basic information in a spreadsheet, which is what is required.  If I ever finish the current US state I won’t do any more.  I have no personal interest in it, unlike the transcriptions of WWI war diaries, which was fascinating (and actual transcribing).

Anyway, I ramble.  Must get ready for another exciting day at the office (not).

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Funny how, if you don’t blog for a while, you feel less inclined to write and think that you actually have nothing to write anyway.  I thought about updating about a week ago,  having something in particular I wanted to write, but left it and now I can’t remember what it was and now feel it wasn’t important.  Then I can’t think of anything else to write so never get round to updating.

So, with that in mind, I’ll attempt WordPress’ Blogging 201 which gives you ideas and goals over two weeks.  At least that’s my understanding.  I’ll see how it goes.

I’m also going to attempt Nanowrimo again this year.  Last year was a very half-hearted attempt.  We’ll see  how that goes.  I’m supposed to be transcribing BDM notices from American newspapers too but haven’t felt motivated.  Wondering if I should pass the rest on to someone else to finish.

Mind’s blank.  Must dash or I’ll be late for work.

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I make lists at work of stuff for me to do in the weekends, because the weekends come and I sit around not knowing what to do.  However, I look at the list and think, I’ll do that later.

Went out yesterday to do grocery shopping.  Had to go to two different supermarkets because I couldn’t find what I wanted at the other – basic stuff like free-range bacon, soft noodles, and chilled juice.  I dropped by a friend’s on the way home to give them an old TV cabinet which used to be in H’s room.  Had a cup of tea, watched their toddler hit his head on a coffee table, chatted for a bit about stuff.  They know H has gone – she  used to dog-sit for them, but they didn’t ask how I was doing.  No-one really gives a shit and anyway, I’d just say I’m ok, although if I were honest I’d say the evenings were the worst.

So, I’m facing a list and I should get up and do something on  it.  It’s already 10 am and I haven’t got up from my “breakfast” internet browsing time.  It’s hard to get motivated.  I wonder what it’s all for.  But life goes on.  You can’t tell the world to stop while you take time out and escape to some fantasy place to forget.  I am rambling, I know.  I come here to ramble.

The sun is shining finally after two weekends of shit weather (including yesterday).  I think I’ll read in the sun for a bit, continuing the procrastination.

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