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It’s been over a month since I blogged, ironically after saying it was good to blog.  I’m trying to be positive in a world turned sour (or should I say more sour).  My personal future seems dim.  I’ve been searching for another job for the past four months now and there’s been absolutely nothing on offer.  It’s now taken on some urgency as prices spiral out of control and I’ve not had a pay increase for over a year.  I’m literally getting poorer every week.  There are jobs in other cities or countries but I can’t afford to move.  My daughter and her boyfriend want to live in the house.  They don’t have jobs so couldn’t afford to live there without my salary if I buggered off elsewhere.  The house wouldn’t sell in any case especially in the state it’s in – I’d get bugger-all for it – not enough to afford to buy again anywhere.   It would be nice if the boyfriend got some work.  My daughter is still going to a two-year long course and could only get part-time work at best (and she’s tried without success).  So I just have to wait and hope that something – anything, turns up in the immediate future.

It’s a particularly cold winter and it started after my elderly dog died three weeks ago.  I can’t write much about that without tears welling so I’ll stop right here and get back to my underpaid work.

Back later.


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