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Checking in

It’s been a while, yet again, since I posted.  I’ve occasionally thought of things I might blog about but it’s usually at work when I have no time, the moment passes, and I forget.

I’ve been feeling extraordinarily tired lately.  Whether it’s the weather (constant rain), work, or just a sort of general down-in-the-dumps feeling, I don’t know.

I miss my dog dreadfully.  It’s been two months since she died and I can now think of her without feeling tears well up – just.  A pet’s death has never affected me so deeply as hers.

I miss my car.  I bought a smaller Nissan – a 1.5 litre as against a 2 litre Mitsubishi, and I don’t like it.  It’s not enjoyable to drive, it’s uncomfortable, and the buttons are not lit up at night (as they were in my Mitsubishi) so I fumble all over the place trying to find the button to turn off the air conditioner, for example.  The clock is invisible at night.  How stupid.  I never wanted to buy another Nissan (put off by my previous aluminium can of a thing) but it was cheap, conveniently being sold by a work colleague and I needed to do something about reducing the amount of money being spent on petrol.  (There is no public transport service where I live.)

I’m tired of my job.  My boss tried to get me a pay rise but this place is unbelievably stingy.  There have been no job vacancies in the past four months (except in Wellington – I ain’t goin’ there).  I didn’t seriously think I’d still be here in September, but it seems I will be.

So, I’m feeling a bit down and without hope.  The only consolation is that I am indeed spending a little less on petrol.

Olympics have finished.  I barely saw anything of interest and saw absolutely no athletics at all.  Every time I turned on the TV it was cycling (road races or timed races or mountain biking…), rowing, swimming, a little diving, a little bit of gymnastics and team sports.  It was extremely disappointing.  Why the hell they allowed team sports in the Olympics I’ll never know because that’s all we get to see with little time left to watch the individual events.  Pfft.

Back to work…


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