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Lack of sleep

The mind is a strange thing.  What would make my mind replay a tune I heard, just once on Saturday evening, at 2am on a Thursday morning?  The tune was stuck in my head so I felt like I couldn’t sleep.  It was quite bizarre.  There were no words but just this melody playing over and over in my head.

I’ve heard that if a tune or song is stuck in your head that an ‘antidote’ is to sing George Michael’s “Faith” in your mind for a while and the tune that was stuck disappears and apparently “Faith” does not take its place at all.  I tried that last night and I don’t know whether it worked or whether I just fell asleep (in which case I suppose it did work!).

I haven’t had a good week of sleeping.  The cat has started demanding attention at 4 or 5am which is really annoying because once woken I find it very difficult to get back to sleep.  The only night he didn’t miaow to wake me was the very morning that the birds singing outside woke me (at 5.30 am).  Sigh.  I can’t win.

My daughter waits for the kitten season – she thinks he might want company.  Time will tell.


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