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Well, I went home and went through the sympathy letters, transcribing nine of them, and taking photos of three of the nice ones. I tried not to be affected, but had a tear or two at some of the sentiments.

I read more of the Clutter busting book and may go back and throw out a couple of the sympathy cards – photograph them then biff. I also decided (after reading) to get rid of my parents’ old insurance certificates which were in the same box. I had kept a copy of my father’s will but have thrown out all the correspondence with lawyers. It was nearly 30 years ago – time it was gone.

I had another chat to D this morning and she was talking about photos this time. I thought about some of my father’s photos I had found of his last trip to the UK just before his death. I might scan them and add them to a word document of his (mostly) typewritten notes. So ideas keep coming, which is good, and I need to do another look through some of my books. Why exactly am I keeping some of them?

The struggle continues….


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So I’m still on the ongoing battle to declutter. I’ve come a long way but still want to get rid of more stuff. There’s still too much in boxes.

I downloaded an ebook called “Clutter Buster” and must remember to keep reading it as I only have a 7-day loan. It’s been good – getting me thinking about stuff. As always, it’s the sentimental stuff which is hard to know what to do with. It seems wrong to throw it away, as if it’s throwing away memories. But what am I getting out of keeping it? Do I ever look at it?

This morning I had a chat with a fellow declutterer, D, and we discussed things like letters. I mentioned the box full of sympathy letters written to my brother and I on the death of our father. I had already got rid of letters from people I didn’t even know. D asked why I would keep any and I said that if I had a grandchild who was interested in family history, that they might be interested in what people had to say about my father. She suggested putting the information on a word document and biffing the letters. I thought this was a good idea. No-one’s likely to want to read a pile of letters, but if what they said is contained in one place, it would make it more accessible and possibly more interesting. Excellent idea. I feel like I want to do it straight away, but have to wait until after work, by which time I might have forgotten (by the time I’ve made dinner, etc.). It was good to bounce ideas off each other. She has a pile of books she is considering giving away.

More decluttering ideas welcome!

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Other bedroom completed.  Got everything painted and it looks 100% better.



jul06 003


The carpet, however, is bad, thanks to a leak from the bathroom.  At the time I was unable to get insurance to pay for it.  The carpet is terrible in the whole house, so I’m currently looking at quotes for carpeting (with cheap stuff).  It’s cheaper than I had expected.  It just means that I will have to move everything!  Just as well I have been decluttering but more is needed.  I am selling a filing cabinet which was mostly empty.  I’ve transferred some stuff to a concertina box file.  I really don’t know what to do with sentimental stuff (like a letter to Santa written by C at a young age).  Where to put such stuff if not in another box?  I’m so sick of boxes of stuff.

Anyway, since I”m on the subject, yesterday I went to town to do odd jobs and bought the portable box file.  In the afternoon I sorted it all, cleaned the cabinet and listed it.  I put recently printed photos into an album (I’m up to 2010).  I put painting stuff away in the spare room and put the curtains back up.

This morning I sorted through 6 years’ worth of bank statements.  It’s actually quite interesting to see where my money went, how much I was earning, etc.  I decided to keep two months from each year, so the pile has gone from being 4 inches thick to about half an inch.  I tackled the second small wardrobe in my room, having sorted the other a couple of weeks ago.  I have a box of dolls house furniture and knick-knacks and thought of selling it all (I had always wanted a dolls house with Victorian furniture, etc, in it – I love miniatures), but when I looked at all, I moaned.  I love it.  I can’t bear to part with it.  If I knew someone local who has an interest, I’d possibly sell to them, but it’s too much of a hassle otherwise.  It’s difficult to package and send if I sell on TradeMe.  The wardrobe is tidier but I haven’t been able to get rid of much.

The next project is the desk.  The desk top is always covered in stuff and, as always, it’s because I just don’t know where to put it all.

Last Saturday I had a lovely lunch with friends at Foxton.  Great company and laughs.  It was a lovely day, weather-wise too.  Sunshine and fairly warm.  The day was a boost to the otherwise depressed system.  Three of us went for a walk at the estuary and on the beach.  No heron this time and other birds were too far away to get a good look at.



It was so clear we could see the Marlborough Sounds to the south.


Lovely walk on the beach as the sun lowered.  Others were enjoying it too.



The weekend is too short.  It’s already Sunday afternoon, and I don’t feel like I’ve achieved much at all.  Any tips on what to do with STUFF are welcome, as I try to find places to put things that I can’t seem to get rid of.  I even have four soft toys that I can’t bear to part with.  I”m way too sentimental.

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